Planet-centric investing

As investors and stewards of our customers’ money, our customers are at the heart of our thinking about sustainability and the planet. We’re on a journey to transform our business to help our customers invest for a more sustainable future for the planet and society.


"We're weaving sustainability into
everything we do."

John Foley, Chief Executive, M&G plc

As more people become aware of the need to act on the climate emergency to ensure a positive future for themselves and their families, consumer preferences and needs are changing. People have to ensure they make their savings last for as long as they need. This means they may be concerned about the impact of climate-related uncertainty and change on their investments, and on the planet future generations will inherit. Younger generations in particular are now taking a greater interest in where their money is invested. We are working to help people who want long-term financial returns, and those who also want to use their money to make a positive difference to the environment and society.

Find out more about some of things we’ve been doing to put the planet at the heart of M&G.

Our commitments 

When it comes to sustainability, it’s not enough to have good intentions. To ensure we deliver on our purpose to make the world a little better, in March 2020 we made some specific company-wide commitments in two areas we see as sustainability priorities: climate change, and diversity and inclusion.

Carbon net zero as a corporate entity by 2030.

Carbon net zero investment portfolios by 2050, across our total assets under management, to align with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Year on year improvement in the representation of gender and ethnicity/ nationality in our senior leadership (Executive Committee and their direct reports) every year, with the goals of achieving 40% female representation and 20% representation from BAME backgrounds by 2025.

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